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Company Profile: FOXX

Date Posted: 7/12/17

Location: United Kingdom : London

Town/City: Shepherds Bush

Salary: Competative + Commision

Company Picture

Hi, I am Jennifer and I am the owner of Foxx, rather than tell you about the company I wanted to introduce my self to you and share with you who I am, what I am about and the kind of person(s) I am looking for to join me in the company. 


Who I am… I am originally from Glasgow in Scotland, I have been a salon owner for 4.5 years and I love my cats… In fact, I love all cats, and dogs and animals…. If I'm really honest I prefer animals to people haha I'm only half joking ;o) I am cheeky (meaning playful), mostly upbeat and positive and much like every human on this planet I am not always this way. I am resilient, determined and passionate. It has been my lifelong dream to become a salon owner and provide the world with beautiful hair and experiences. I am also very ambitious and my next challenge will be to expand and grow the company to different locations around the world…. 

What I am about… Making people look and feel good. For me there is nothing better than when you style someone's hair and they leave feeling better than they did when they arrived, I grew up with a deeply rooted belief that I was ugly so giving people the gift of beautiful hair and experiences at the core makes me happy. 

The kind of person I am looking for… I am looking for someone who is passionate about a career in hairdressing, someone who is confident with people and who can deliver on high-end customer service, someone who doesn’t take them self too seriously and can have a laugh, you must be professional at all times and most importantly someone who is committed to growing their column using there own intuitive.  It's a small salon so you must be willing to help out in all areas of the salon until we have a full team in place to support every aspect of the company needs.  

The company is a young company and In the development stage, so I will need you to be flexible and adapt to change easily… Princesses and Pre madonnas need not apply….. space is not big enough for egos!


What I am creating… a brand and if you see your self in the above I want you to be a part of that brand and give you the opportunity to further develop your self in the process… It's not just a job and it won’t be for every one… 


If you have got this far thank you for your interest… Keep Reading;o)  


What you will be responsible for: 

  • Being a FOXX brand ambassador 
  • Growing and retaining your client base 
  • Being great with the clients
  • Promoting and upgrading professional products and services
  • Keeping up to date with products, treatments, and services 
  • Keeping up to date with new trends
  • Bringing your amazing personality and wowing clients on a daily basis 
  • Maintaining a high level of professionalism at all times 
  • Keeping the salon and equipment clean, tidy and ready 


What you will get for working with us: 

  • A partnership in producing results. 
  • Training and development opportunities 
  • In salon perks and discounts 
  • Commision
  • Opportunity to expand and grow in your leadership as the company grows; with a mission and vision to go global, you could choose your passion and create your role within the company, bespoke to you.

Fun Fact about Foxx:

We have received the Phorest Client Experience award 3 years in a row! 

Meaning, we are in the top 3% of salons in the UK and Ireland to be awarded this prestigious award, with thanks to our clients. 

And, we are currently the only salon in Shepherds Bush to be awarded 5 stars in the Good Salon Guide!



Interested… great…. I am looking forward to meeting you and finding out more about who you are!  Send your CV with a cover letter with who you are, what you are about and why you would be the best person for the role.





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